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You don't need to practice shooting.

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  • By Barry Laws
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You don't need to practice shooting.

You don't need to practice shooting. It doesn't help that much. What you need is perfect practice, what is that?

Why would we use a gun in self defense?

"To stop an immediate threat of great bodily harm or death to you, loved ones or strangers."

In emergencies less than 20% of the bullets hit where intended.  So what happens to the other 80%?  They are lodged in peoples homes, bystanders bodies, the ground.... who knows.  

If you don't hit where intended what are the immediate consequences?

  • You don't stop the threat.
  • You risk destroying or damaging the areas where you "missed", injuring or killing bystanders.  
  • You are open to devastating liability.
  • The threat continues and causes great bodily harm or death to you, loved ones or strangers.


Why does this 80% suckage happen?  Because most people practice incorrectly.

"DON'T PRACTICE.... PRACTICE PERFECTLY" - what does that mean?  Perfect practice makes you better than you were because it challenges you where you need it.  Perfect Practice helps you save money and get the most bang for your ammunition buck.

PLUS... you can achieve up to 90% hit rate with Perfect Practice.  Far superior to 20%!

How do you learn Perfect Practice?  You need classes from an institution which understands this dilemma.  Which pairs classes and practice techniques with your shooting goals.  You also need a facility which challenges your session with different targetry options and ways to critique your performance and gives you the time and space for advanced practice.  

Please ask us about Perfect Practice techniques.  Marlan will be happy to share some fun and challenging concepts that will make you a better shooter when it counts:  Under pressure and uncertain circumstances.  Plus you can monitor your advancement with our available video monitoring using your own smart phone.

Check some videos out here:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/openrangesports/videos/?ref=page_internal

"Perfectly Practice" at your favorite gun range today!




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