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You could be collecting Corvettes, but why?

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  • By Barry Laws
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You could be collecting Corvettes, but why?

You could be collecting Corvettes, but why, when you can collect hundreds of firearms!

Collecting guns is so much less stress than Corvettes!


I often tell my wife “I could be collecting Corvettes!” as an excuse for my firearm collecting addiction.  Well 'maybe not' cause I probably couldn’t afford a barn-full of Vettes but the thought is sound… for the price of one collectable Corvette (or “______ “ fill in the blank) you can have hundreds of super cool, fun to handle, shootable pieces of art!

Plus my wife never looks in the safe (plus, plus to her they “all look alike”!).  It would be pretty hard to miss a few Corvettes edging her car out of the garage.  Not to mention their bills for maintenance and insurance.  See guns probably won't get you divorced... Collector cars????

Guns are so satisfying (like nice watches) to look at.  Literally mechanical wonders from around the planet.  Why look at a handful of cars when you can admire hundreds of firearms for a lifetime?

My name is Barry and I'm a "Gun-aholic".

My Dad gave me my first firearm, his pump action .22 Winchester that I still have today.  As a kid I mowed my neighbor’s lawn to buy my first new firearm, a H&R .22 break top revolver.  Loved that gun… then mowed some more lawns and bought a Colt Gold Cup .45.  I rode my bicycle to the hardware store, gave them money, signed one piece of paper and wham at 16 I had a gorgeous new gun… couldn’t hit a barn door because of my flinch…. But…. It was stunning…. Being a young’un, I sold those to move up to other firearms starting my journey on owning ‘always beautiful to me’, fun firearms.

Years later (okay decades) I now own hundreds of firearms at Openrange.  I guess you could say I’m just ‘foster parenting’ because I’m looking for proud new owners yet my passion is still the same… new guns come in and I’ll drool, wish and wonder about taking them home… and I do, here and there.  My most recent firearm is a .17hmr Australian rifle with a threaded barrel to talk to my muskrats destroying our pond.  With a silencer of course (gotta think of the neighbors).  Talk about a pretty cool rifle… drool….

See you could be collecting Corvettes, but why?  There are so many guns to collect!  And how does it go, those who die with the most toys wins?  Count me in.

PS... Leave a comment with your first firearm and why it was important to you.


  1. Eddie Jr Eddie Jr

    My first firearm was a Winchester model 190 rifle (22 caliber). Still have it 60 years later!

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