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What “Constitutional Carry” Is and Isn’t.

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  • By Barry Laws
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What “Constitutional Carry” Is and Isn’t.

Facts about License-less Conceal Carry in Kentucky

WhatConstitutional CarryIs and Isn’t.

You still need a Conceal Carry Deadly Weapon (CCDW) license to carry concealed until The new law goes until effect in July.

What Constitutional Carry is:

• Clarifies that a resident of Kentucky can carry a Concealed Deadly Weapon in the exact same locations as is currently permitted to CCDW license holders and residents who open carry.

• No Conceal Carry education or background check would be required to conceal carry in Kentucky.

• The same restrictions apply to Constitutional Carry as to CCDW license holders – no felons, no domestic abusers or control substance user.

• No fee to legally carry concealed without a license.

What Constitutional Carry isn’t:

• Does not allow you to carry concealed in any reciprocating states.

• Does not allow you to purchase a firearm without a National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS).

Openrange’s view:

• We believe all folks carrying firearms either openly or concealed should train themselves in the law.

• To perform under self-defense situations is incredibly difficult and we encourage all to seek higher training than the CCDW class teaches.  The CCDW gun-handling portion is beginner’s material.  

• Being legal to carry in other states is incredibly important.  If you travel outside the borders of Kentucky, a CCDW is a critical, legal piece of gear.

• Without a background check, if you don’t realize you have a record (even decades ago), if an officer finds a firearm on you, look forward to jail time.  The CCDW class does the background check for you.

• Law enforcement seeing a firearm puts them on immediate alert.  A CCDW license can help diffuse a tense situation.  I guarantee officers will do a background check if they find a firearm on your person without a CCDW if the situation is tense.  They may actually confiscate your firearm until they have completed their inquiry.

Conclusion :  Carry a deadly weapon is an incredible responsibility.  Whether of not the government mandates you getting a license we believe it is your obligation to learn the laws and train so you don’t do more damage than good.  We believe the CCDW class is critical in your education and provides protection against confiscation of your firearm until your background has been searched in the event of a tense situation.


Barry Laws

CEO, Openrange, Inc.



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