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Little Black Book of Pistol Skills

Little Black Book of Pistol Skills

What do you do when nothing else gets to the point? Write a "Little Black Book". You'll be glad you saw this. Read on...

I spent 22 years as a competitive shooter, and for the past 20 years, I've been a Firearms and Defensive tactics instructor.  Some of those certifications include NRA Tactical Shooting Instructor, USCCA Certified Instructor, S&W Academy Certified Firearms Instructor, Combat Focus Shooting Instructor, and many more.  I've been privileged to have attended training at Rangemaster, Thunder Ranch, and even Isreali Combative Pistol training.  I've always been very passionate about not just teaching, but being a student....researching, and trying to learn all that I can.

Those who attend our Self Defense Pistol Training classes get to experience that passion, and often ask if we have a list of drills that they can use to further their skills....especially when they see that in our Level 3 and Level 4 classes, we push beyond expected norms.  Sometimes I'm asked what drills I use to improve this or that aspect of shooting.  Well, I've always admired those little trade publications, often written by passionate individuals who have 'done the work', and who share gems not often found elsewhere.  I've always called them 'little black books'....as they often hold the key...or little trade secrets.
Accordingly, I've put 10 of my favorite drills in such a book, to include round counts, target set up, distances, etc.  I've added modern gunfight statistics from the Modern Warrior Project, but I've also added historical data from noted 19th and 20th century gunfighters, to include their accuracy/speed standards, and how we can use that information to improve our own training.
It's small enough and light enough to fit into your range bag as a daily carry, and costs less than a box of ammo.  Appropriately, it's called 'The Little Black Book of Pistol Skills'.
ps.... its only $12!


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