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Kids and Guns - Why its important they meet.

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  • By Barry Laws
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Kids and Guns - Why its important they meet.

Kids and Guns - Why its important they meet and why most adults are shirking their responsibility to keep their children safe.

Kids and Guns.  

Why it’s important they meet.

At least 50% of you reading this just mumbled: “What is this guys problem!!!”. 

Let’s answer this question:

  • “My problem” is most parents don’t live up to their obligation to keep our kids safe around guns.   “My problem” is that our schools don’t allow firearm safety classes to teach our kids how to be safe around firearms.  “My problem” is that PTA associations around the country are so politically correct they won’t allow firearm safety curriculums around their own children.  I know, I’ve asked.  Numerous times.  “My problem” is that most adults seem completely ignorant about a critical safety issue around their children because they want to be politically correct.  Yeah, I’ve got a “Problem”.

Let’s say you hate guns, loathe the mention of guns, think guns are the “root cause” of all the evils in America, that guns are the worst thing ever for children.  

Let’s presume you care for your child’s safety and want to make sure they grow up smart, strong, safe and healthy.  Let’s also presume you live in the ‘real world’ where people own firearms in their homes for protection and pest control and perhaps some of these folks don’t keep their firearms locked away from children.  This is absolutely a fact in my home State of Kentucky where guns have been a way of life on farms, ranches and rural property for pest control and for self protection in the more urban areas.

You can’t always be with your kids.  You can’t know if every household your child will visit has their guns locked up (yeah you can ask, but that gets into a whole ‘shite’ storm of “none of your business if I have guns” and most people will refuse to tell you).  Sorry this is reality.  You will never know.

There is no way to shield your children from encountering firearms.  None.  Sorry.  

You love your kids right?  This is a real threat.  BTW, guns aren't even as dangerous statistically as swimming pools yet you teach your kids to swim because of the inherent danger of water. So what about teaching them the inherent dangers of firearms?   

Q.  What can you do?  

  • Set aside your politics and fears for the moment. Introduce your children to guns in a safe, controlled environment.  Let them know that anytime they want to see or handle a gun to let you know and you’ll be happy to arrange to show them yours (if you know the safety rules yourself) or if you don’t own firearms (or know all the safety rules) take them to a range for a basic safety class.   Let children understand how guns work and the dangers involved.  Take away the “forbidden fruit” of firearms (kids always want what they can't have).  They will soon be bored and move on to other interests… yet… they will have a lifetime of safety knowledge that lets you live up to your duty of keeping your children safe.  Your kids will “know it all” around their friends and keep accidents from happening. Personal example:  My daughter wanted to shoot my .45 when she was about 12.  We went to the range, went through all the safety rules and she shot great.  Then proceeded to get bored… but… years/decades later she still knows the rules and shows off her knowledge for her friends when she visits our range. 

“Problem” solved:  Introduce your children to guns.  They will be much safer when you do.


P.S. yes that's me in the photo...

If you have any questions about firearm safety and children feel free to contact [email protected] or visit Openrange in Crestwood KY (502-243-8282).  Any of us will be happy to coach you on ways to be safe at home and outside your home.


  1. Concerned Citizen Concerned Citizen

    Surgical precision as always Barry with your thoughts. 'My Problem' is the propaganda machine that have created the firearm boogeyman that exist in the minds of the uneducated today.

  2. David Katz David Katz

    Spot on Barry. As an NRA Training Counselor, I have taught my younger kids the Eddie Eagle program. My oldest (who is now 10) walked into a friends bedroom when we were visiting him one day. My son was 4 at the time. My friend lived alone and kept a pistol on his night stand. My son knew not to touch it and came and found me. (Stop, Don’t Touch, Run Away, Find an adult). We secured the firearm (my friend was very embarrassed that he hadn’t thought ahead) and everything turned out ok.

    I would add this to those 50% of the people reading the blog. How many of them would know how to safely handle and clear the firearm?? Probably not nearly enough.

    Those folks need safety training too!

  3. Scottie Scottie

    Barry, do you currently offer any youth gun safety courses at Openrange? If so, are they free or paid courses? Thanks

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