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Is cheapest always the cheapest?

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  • By Barry Laws
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We’ve all been there, you see an ad and the price just looks too good to be true. Guess what? You’re right.

We had a customer come in to pick up a transfer of a gun he bought elsewhere. He told us he purchased a Springfield XD for $450. I looked on our website and we were selling it for $480. I explained to him that if he bought it through us, we don’t charge any shipping, and we don’t have a transfer fee. We also give a free hour of range time and the opportunity to buy a six-pack of range time for only $10 an hour. So in essence this cheap gun cost him $40 more total than we would’ve charged him. Is cheapest really the cheapest. No. Look at the total cost as well as the service provided by the retailer. That does have value if you have any issues. In his case this “cheap gun” has no one behind it. No one to help with issues. And it cost more. This confuses me.


Please look at everything involved when buying a gun or any other product. We take pride in what we do to make sure you get what you want and we stand behind the sale. In fact if you wanted, for mere $25 we will guarantee your firearm for life. I didn’t say whose lifeJ, but let’s just say longer than you or I will ever care about. And for $25 more you can get a 30 day shoot and return policy so if you decide in 29.9 days that you don’t like the firearm you just purchased, we will take that gun back and give you 100 percent credit (minus the sales tax) for another gun in our store or that you want to order.


Bottom line, I understand the game to get the best possible product for the least possible price, but look at the big picture. And also one other thing, please support your local gun store and gun ranges, because if you don’t we will become dinosaurs. The Second Amendment will not survive without us. You can quote me on that.


Barry Laws


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