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How to Beat a Traffic Ticket

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  • By Barry Laws
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How to Beat a Traffic Ticket

How to beat a traffic ticket while conceal carrying. Its easier than you think!

How to beat a traffic ticket:


You are driving and you broke some rule.  You know you did.  The blue lights are flashing!!!!  $h*te!!!!  Plus you are conceal carrying….


How not to get out of a ticket:


Your adrenaline is flowing as the officer comes to your window.  You put on your most innocent face, roll down the window with your elbow out the window trying to look casual and say, pathetically, “what’s going on officer?”.  The officer says “you were going 65 in a 45”… or “ran a stop sign”… or whatever the case, and he’s right…. 


You respond with “really I didn’t know I was going that fast etc…”… again with an innocent smile.


You are immediately met with a stern officer and a demand for your drivers license and insurance.  You go to reach for your wallet in your back pocket or purse, and the officer sees your conceal carry.  He/she is on high alert.  The officer demands you get out of the car with your hands out in the open (and maybe worse).  You may be disarmed by the officer and everything is electric until you show your conceal carry.


You get a ticket and frankly you deserve one.  It’s going to cost you big time in fees, driving school cost and or insurance rate rise.  You swear under your breath at how unfair officers are.


How to get out of the ticket:


Your adrenaline is flowing as the officer pulls you over.  You roll down the window before he gets out of his cruiser and, if dark. immediately turn on your interior lights.  You place your hands on the steering wheel at “10 & 2”.  You shake your head in guilt as the officer comes to your vehicles door.  The officer says “you were going 65 in a 45”… or “ran a stop sign”… or whatever the case, and he’s right…. 


He/she asks for your license and insurance.  You explain that you have a conceal carry and it is on your hip (or wherever) and your wallet is near the gun.  Ask how he would like to proceed.  He will probably say “well, don’t shoot me and go ahead and get your license” or he might ask you to get out of the car.  Do what he says.


You respond:  “I’m so sorry, it was stupid, I (and give a reason, even a bad one, but as honest as possible such as…) “I was late for this dumb meeting and thought I could make up time… it was dumb…”.  Now here’s how you get out of the ticket….


The meat….


You look the officer straight in the eye.  With complete sincerity and while slowly nodding your head up and down you say “can you trust me not to do this again?” and simply zip your mouth shut.  Wait.  Seriously shut up….


The odds:

Based on my experience of having officers not write at least 9+ tickets, the odds are about 80% that you are going to get out of a ticket and only get a warning. 

Why this works:

You have made yourself and your vehicle a safe stop for the officer with your light on, your window down and your hands on the steering wheel.  You have calmed the officer with acknowledging your conceal carry (if you have one) and asking him how he’d like to proceed.  


Traffic officers are people too.  They hear excuses all day long and tire of them.  It is refreshing to have someone be honest for once, admit their guilt, and ask forgiveness.  Nodding your head is body language that subliminally helps the officer agree with your request.


Don’t be a tool…

While you may get out of a ticket here or there, don’t speed in neighborhoods and drive carefully.  While I have gotten out at least 9+ tickets (my wife will verify), I’m not proud of that fact…. mostly… P.S. they keep track of your warnings and they can catch up to you (just ask me how I know) so you need to cool your jets.



My wife says “don’t take off your seatbelt when pulled over”.  You may get an added “no seatbelt” ticket…. ask her how she knows….


  1. Bert Fitch Bert Fitch

    Perhaps you should obey the law. A former LEO casualty flaunting a long history of offenses is a really bad look.

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