Corporations are expunging our Bill of Rights

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Corporations are expunging our Bill of Rights

Corporations are taking away our Bill of Rights in the name of profits.

Corporations are expunging our Bill of Rights

Expunge: Definition "To erase, delete, strike out, eliminate completely, wipe out, obliterate"

While it may seem trendy to have anti-gun Corporations, the ramifications are severe.  Corporations have the right to certain restrictions within its borders, yet is it legal to limit free speech, religion or other Constitutionally protected rights?  

Businesses, who serve the public for money, are choosing who they will serve.  It seems “protected” classes of individuals can force a business to serve them, yet for the masses who believe defending oneself is secured by our Second Amendment, it’s okay to refuse you service.  Both legal, and both protected by our Bill of Rights.

I believe as passionately in my right to defend my life and the lives of my loved ones as my right to choose my religion or my right to free speech.  If I’m dead or severely injured I can’t enjoy religion or speech.  If my family or loved ones are injured or killed because my right to defend them was truncated by business or government - no amount of free speech or religion will bring them back.  Judge me if you will, but the Second Amendment is as serious to me as my religion and guaranteed in our Constitution.  

Yet businesses are currently denying my rights of service and my right to make a living in the firearms industry and no one is holding them accountable.


  • The majority of banks have fully spurned firearm businesses.  Funding for projects and inventory are currently being denied. Firearm businesses and firearms are currently being expunged from the market.
  • The majority of credit card companies have refused to do business with the shooting sports.  Without being able to process credit cards, firearm businesses and firearms are currently being expunged from the market.
  • Facebook, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram are currently banning any marketing for firearms or related products and are banning certain topics related to firearms, currently expunging our social media voice and expunging firearms.
  • Dicks, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Starbucks, Target, Panera, Kroger, Chili’s, Costco, Trader Joes & Chipotle to name a few have come out against firearms in their facilities and are currently expunging firearm owners who choose the right to defend themselves.  

I guess if you believe big business and big government is the answer this seems fair.  You are willing to be controlled, hoping someone besides yourself will be responsible for your life.  Say, you hate guns… How are you going to feel when big business goes after your ‘First Amendment’ for religion or speech, or your ‘Fourth Amendment’ right not to have unreasonable search of information (happening now with social media giants), or the ‘Fifth Amendment’ where social trolls backed by social network monopolies deprive you of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law (that’s happening too) etc…etc…

You can’t “cherry pick” which Constitutional components you want.  The document is a balance, thought long and hard by some of the smartest people in history who were actively engaged in thwarting a repressive government.  Take one piece away and the document and your rights crumble, especially in the Bill of Rights.  These were given expressly to you and me.  Individual rights to keep more powerful constituencies at bay.

Right wingers want to blame this movement on “the left” or “progressives”.  Yet this is middle American businesses aligning against our Bill of Rights in the Constitution.  Conservative and liberal businesses alike.  You can’t get much more middle American than Walmart.

Corporations are now expunging our Bill of Rights in the name of profits.  Don’t kid yourself that this is about compassion.  Business is now making a bet that the public will shower it in profits for its move against the Bill of Rights.  We once had a Revolution to stop a draconian government.  We had a civil war to come to terms with human rights.  It’s time for a movement against businesses to end this march towards expunging our Bill of Rights.   Count me in.

Barry out.


  1. Donna Donna

    Great article Barry and I agree with you 100%. The pressure from the left is behind all of this and we need to stay strong and defend our rights. It will be a sad day and uneducated, uninformed democrats will be amazed at what they have supported. Thanks for a great article!

  2. Al W. Al W.

    I'm with you all the way. I have had a sticker in the back window of my car for probably 8 years. It says, "Love your Country, Fear your Government." Red Flag laws are the next intrusion. Declare an organization to be "terrorist", and then at some point declare anyone who is a member a terrorist and we will all be watching at night for a SWAT team outside our homes. Great comments and hope you have a bank you can rely on. Love the range and the people.

  3. J Ferris J Ferris


    As a customer of yours, I am glad to see you standing up to the idiocy of the left and the 'anti-gun' rhetoric. I'm further encouraged that as an ex-hollywood guy, you support conservative values. The best tool that we have is education. Please, everyone, continue to read, continue to challenge and vote.... If you think this is about guns....think again. A politician lifts a finger for themselves only......

  4. Dan Hatton Dan Hatton

    We As gun owners are being squeezed in every direction. Shall Not Be Infringed. Excellent article Barry.

  5. M. Jones M. Jones

    My father told me 15 years ago before he died.
    "There will be 2 things in your life that you will loath and despise.
    One will be your government. And two with be the media, which will be controlled by the political forces of the far wings. Nothing with any accuracy will be reported, just agenda broadcasts."
    He was a true believer in the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.
    A Wabash grad, Political Science major, Econ. Minor.
    Always carried. Married over 50 years.
    His girlfriend was a GM Inland Div. M1. Paratrooper. Slept along the bed rail.

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