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Church Security - Thank you for your service

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  • By Barry Laws
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Church Security - Thank you for your service

Take a moment to thank those who dedicate to keep houses of worship safe.

Statistically houses of worship are one of the safest areas in society.  Like schools, churches are getting an abundance of press due to terrible, dramatic violence preying on these cherished gatherings.

Statistics are cold numbers and don’t represent our love of life.  Emotionally we have a commitment to reduce violence to zero.   Local police, SWAT teams, FBI, & ATF… you name it… are dedicated to the task.

Yet Law Enforcement is not enough.  They simply cannot be everywhere at all times. 

We recently reached out to local houses of worship to see their interest in creating robust church security teams and got an overwhelming response from the smallest of churches to the largest with established teams.  Everyday civilian “Janes & Joes” were willing to risk their lives to protect their brothers and sisters in worship.  This is not a casual thing.

These “sheepdogs” have stepped outside their comfort zones to become more, to become trained, to mold into a cohesive team ready at a moments notice to do what is necessary to protect their loves ones.

In a time where we are justifiably thanking Military and Law Enforcement for their service, lets not forget the individual “sheepdogs” of society who have taken a silent oath to protect and serve, to put their lives on the line for their fellow man.

With respect and admiration I say “Thank You”.  You know who you are.


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