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Assault weapons ban - here we go...

Assault weapons ban - here we go...

3 Emergency Notices:

1)  House PASSES "Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021” - private transfers of firearms are regulated (on to Senate).
2)  House introduces H.R.127, mandatory licensing and registration of firearms.
3)  Senate introduces “2021 Assault Weapons Ban”
Please Read the attached bills.  This is not just the “other guys guns”, this regulates your Glockyour Smith & Wessonyour AR15… even your kids .22 rifle, plus ammunition and accessories with the ultimate goal of banning all guns.  This isn’t fake news - these are actual potential laws with massive support.  Read the following unedited bills:
2021 Assault Weapons Ban - bans all high cap mags, any gun that accepts high cap mags, “assault rifles” and anything that looks like one;
H.R.127 - Mandatory Registration and Licensing of Firearms - all firearms must be licensed and registered:
Bipartisan Universal Background Check - all gun sales and transfers are regulated:
Democrats and Republicans:  Write your representatives.  If you believe in owning and keeping your firearms you must contact your representatives.  Don’t assume the other guy will carry your weight.  Seriously get off your a** and write some letters, emails and phone calls.   Do this.
Please write/call/email every Kentucky representatives:
These are not laws YET but are on their way.  Stop them now.
With a heavy heart,

Dan G - 19 Mar 2021 @ 08:04
You need to be all hands on deck for this. Look North to Canada. We're in the process of taking our government to court. In one sweeping swipe of his hand, our Prime Minister outlawed over 1500 different firearms. You're looking at exactly the same thing from the democrat socialists. Our guy just added airsoft and paintball guns to the list. Our socialist governments, on both sides of the border, are in lockstep in order to bring socialist to North America. Obama is here right now on another of his many private visits with our Prime Minister, the little lying shit trudeau.
Molon Labe
Jim - 18 Mar 2021 @ 11:39
Write your representatives. Do your court battles. End of the day, refuse to hand in anything and refuse to hand in anything. You'll win doing the latter, eventually. Losses will be suffered. Good men will go down. Sorry for your losses. We've done this before in Canada and en masse refusal works. Your country simply is not capable financially or logistically of processing a refusal by so many people, same as ours. We have to do the same thing now as well.<br />
<br />

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