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Are you helping put local gun shops and ranges out of business?

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  • By Barry Laws
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Are you helping put local gun shops and ranges out of business?

By shopping at discount online and big box retailers are you killing your local Second Amendment businesses you think you support?

Are you helping Online & Big Box Discount Gun Store kill the firearm industry?


This may seem counter intuitive, how can buying guns at a discount be anti-firearm?  But read on…  Online and big box Discount Gun Stores are predators, whose goal is to put local brick and mortar gun stores out of business by offering guns at prices unsustainable at local gun stores.  We’ve seen this before with Amazon and Walmart’s driving local retail stores out of business, yet this is more serious.  This affects our gun rights.  Predatory online and big box gun discounters are actually helping the gun grabbers put Second Amendment gathering places out of business.


Online and big box discounters use their volume buying power to offer certain firearms for sale at prices that are under what local gun store owners can sell for and still remain in business – meaning if local shops price-matched discounters they could lose money while the discount stores still make a profit.  The gun manufacturers are okay with this and are complicit with driving local brick and mortars out of business because their stockholders simply want to see units sold. They don’t care about the Second Amendment.  Smith & Wesson, one of America’s most iconic brands is one of the worst offenders helping put local shops and ranges out of business by allowing the discounters model to drive prices to the bottom, yet they still make their profit.


I can hear some of you readers who enjoy a discount (who doesn’t) thinking “these local gun shops just do crappy business and should fold”.  Okay, let me ask you this:  “If all your favorite brick & mortars and ranges go out of business, where are you going to shoot, who is going to show firearms & help you make decisions, give a social gathering place to discuss 2A issues, keep their neighborhoods safe with gun safety classes, and lobby local officials for gun friendly laws plus service customers with firearm issues?  Who is going to truly support the Second Amendment in your communities if all your gun stores are limited to online discounters or big box discounters?


Locally in Louisville area we’ve seen about 6 fine shops go under.  Nationally magnify that by hundreds.  If that’s okay with you, so you can get your “deal”, okay.  Just don’t cry when there is nowhere to touch, see, learn about or shoot a gun locally and the gun grabbers win.  You call yourself a supporter of the Second Amendment?  Then support your local brick and mortar shops and stop helping put them out of business.


Barry Laws

CEO, Openrange Inc

Former President of American Firearms Retailers Association

Passionate supporter of our Second Amendment


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