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Defensive Pistol Series

Best if you want to carry daily, be proficient and reduce liability. We work downrange with motion simulating real life scenarios. Series is comprehensive, simple and thoughtful.

Graduate from our series and earn a Responsible Citizen Certificate. Read more here.

“No local facility has such a comprehensive, simple and thoughtful series.” Andy J.

Openrange Self Defense Level 1

Level 1: $99 / 4 hrs - Buy Here


Openrange Self Defense Level 2

Level 2: $99 / 4 hrs - Buy Here


Openrange Self Defense Level 3

Level 3: $99 / 4 hrs - Buy Here


Openrange Self Defense Level 4

Level 4: $99 / 4 hrs - Buy Here



Those who have attended our Self Defense Pistol Skills training through Level 2 (or more), and have been vetted, can attend our twice monthly Advanced Pistol Practice Sessions.  This is work 'downrange', and covers shooting, moving, multiple targets, and pushing the envelope with a variety of advanced skills.  Sessions are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Cost is $15.


Each class requires a semi-auto pistol (revolvers may still be used), 200 rounds of ammo, 3 magazines, 2 mag pouches, and a sturdy waist holster.


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