Responsible Armed Citizen

OR EDU’s Responsible Armed Citizen

Sport shooting is a blast.  Don’t sweat the how-to.  Whether its having a blast with casual target practice, competing or building defense skills to protect yourself and loved ones, Openrange is here for you every step of the way.

Your plan after selecting, then purchasing a firearm and secure storage, includes training in basic and intermediate usage.  For those seeking a more advanced training and a well thought out self defense plan, you will also include advanced gun handling, unarmed self defense, improvised weapons and Awareness and Conflict Avoidance training. 

We’ve got you covered.  You tell us the level you aspire to and we will craft a curriculum of individual classes just for you.  It’s easy.  Or….

If you are ready to dive in deep, OR EDU’s ‘Responsible Armed Citizen’ certificate program will successfully guide you from never holding a gun to the  empowerment of complete firearm confidence and solid self defense principles. Plus you receive a $150 discount over individual class pricing and a $100 credit towards membership on completion (over $250 in savings).

Program Cost:  $750 ($250 in savings)


Classes: 1-6 are required

1. Basic Pistol Safety Class - $99- beginner level

2. CCDW (Concealed Carry) - $85 - beginner level

3. Intermediate Pistol Class - $169 - intermediate - a student who has achieved pre-requisite beginner level training (Basic Pistol), and is seeking to learn next level skills

4. Close Quarters Handgun School (Advanced) - $399 - advanced - a student who has achieved pre-requisite intermediate level training (Intermediate Pistol Class), and is seeking to learn advanced skills.

5. Unarmed Self Defense OR Women's Self Defense - $99 - beginner level

6. Safe Side of Life (Conflict Avoidance) - $49 - beginner level

Class Electives: 1 elective required (cost not included in program)

E1. Art of Concealment - $49 - beginner level

E2. Close Quarters Rifle Class - $169 - intermediate level (pre-requisite preferred - Basic AR Shooting Skills)

E3. Basic Intro to ARs - $75 - beginner level

E4. Basic AR Shooting Skills - $125 - beginner level

E5. AR Armorer's Class - $75 - Intermediate

E6. Precision Long Range Shooting Class - $125 - intermediate


The cost to enroll in the EDU ‘Responsible Armed Citizen’ certificate program is $750 (save $150), plus the cost of one (1) elective.

Upon completion of the Program, the student will receive a ‘Responsible Armed Citizens’ Certificate.

Each graduate will receive a $100 credit towards an annual membership.



OR EDU Beginning Classes are right for you if:

  • You want to feel confident and safe handling a firearm
  • You don’t know who to trust to teach you about guns
  • Guns make you nervous
  • You've never fired a gun or don’t feel confident firing a gun
  • You don’t know or remember gun handling basics
  • You don’t know or remember thorough gun safety
  • Your family needs the same language about guns
  • Its been forever since you handles a firearm
  • You want to be surrounded by others who are on the same journey
  • You need personalized attention and want welcoming instructors.
  • You want to have a blast.



OR EDU Intermediate Classes are right for you if:

  • You want to move beyond the basic level.
  • You feel somewhat confident and safe but you want more.
  • You know the basics but that’s about it
  • You want to learn to clear malfunctions
  • You want to learn about holsters and how to draw safely
  • You want better control over your firearm
  • You want more personalized attention to your issues
  • You want to become smoother and faster in your times
  • You want to learn training drills to become a better shooter.
  • You want more confidence to take an advanced class
  • You want to meet a group of out of the box people
  • You need personalized attention and want welcoming instructors.
  • You want to have a blast!


OR EDU Advanced Classes are right for you if:

  • You have a working knowledge of guns but don’t feel confident in real world applications.
  • You have identified your issues from intermediate classes and need solutions to your specific problems.
  • You want to learn to perform under stress
  • You want to learn to fight with a firearm, not simply punch holes in paper.
  • You want to learn to dial in your techniques
  • You want to learn advanced training drills to take you to the next level
  • You want to meet a group of like minded individuals
  • You want personalized attention for your personal challenges and passionate instructors.
  • You want to have a blast!


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