Valentine’s Day - Annual Flex Membership

Valentine’s Day - Annual Flex Membership

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Add your spouse and save $240

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Member Flex Valentine

Product description

Flex members: for Valentine’s Day gift your spouse (non-member) a years membership at your current level for significant  savings!


The Flex range membership; the membership lasts for a twelve month period and cuts range cost significantly.

For example, a typical hour on the pistol range is $23, and a Flex member shoots for Free! It gets better from there, rifle time is $27, while a Flex member shooting for an hour is only $5!

This is a must buy for anyone that appreciates our state of the art range, and loves to visit.
Our staff will adjust your profile, just come on in and start saving!


  • Pistol Range - Unlimited
  • Rifle Range - $5/HR
  • New Guest - Free **
  • Child under 10 - Free
  • 1st Additional Shooter - $10
  • 2nd Additional Shooter - $10 (normally $12)
  • Ammo Discount - 5%
  • Rental Discount - 50% Off
  • FFL Transfers - $35 includes a free hour of Range Time
  • Freeze - Up to 6 months

    More Information

    • “NEW GUEST” is any shooter not in our system, who has never shot at Openrange.
    • Children under 10 free. Limited to 2 per parent member.
    • FFL Transfer rates are for transferring guns ‘IN’ to Openrange. Extra fees apply for transferring guns ‘OUT’ using Openrange.
    • All rentals must use Openrange ammunition.
    • Discounts on ammunition does not include ammo at special sales pricing.
    • Flex and VIP members may suspend membership for up to 6 months per year with 2 weeks notice.
    • Rentals Discount do not include machine-guns.
    • Add'l shooters & guests must share members lane.

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