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Q. Can International Tourists and USA travelers from different states shoot at Openrange?

A. Yes and Yes. Simply bring a passport or drivers license (for US citizens)

1. What ammo is restricted? Sorry, NO Steel or Aluminum Cased Ammo. NO Steel Projectiles, Incendiary, Tracer, Exploding or Military Tipped ammo of any kind. Only brass cartridges are allowed. Only lead core bullets allowed. (Wolf, Tula, most russian ammo is steel. Blazer ammo is usually aluminum cased).

2. What guns can I shoot at Openrange? Anything under a .50cal BMG (really big gun!).

3. What is your maximum distance? True 100 yards. The perfect minimum distance for rifles, scopes and ballistics.

4. How many shooting lanes are there? Twelve 25 yard pistol lanes and five 100 yard rifle lanes.

5. What targetry do you use? Mancom targetry is the Porsche of target retrieval systems. Our targets are interactive and can run and hide from you and then present and rush. They can turn 360 degrees forcing you to make split second decisions. Our targets run in a steel track, not on string or cable like other ranges. This yields exact distances and solid targets for precise shots. In a word: the best there is.

6. What safety features do you have? The backstop is a “Supertrap” capable of stopping a .50 cal BMG at point blank. The walls are concrete filled masonry and the ceiling is concrete plank. The range has been designed at great expense with safety as the number one priority.

7. How long can I shoot? Sessions last one hour but you are welcome to shoot as long as you want.

8. Are women welcome? YES!!! Women are not only welcome but are the fastest growing section of the shooting sports. Approximately 25% of shooters are women and the figure is growing. Remember, shooting is related to calmness and focus. Women are excellent shots.

9. Can I bring a minor? Minors are welcome and are the future of our sport. Youth under 18 need a guardian present or written permission on file to shoot.

10. Could my child become the next Olympic champion? Absolutely. Target shooting is an Olympic sport. All children are welcome to train.

11. I have never shot before. Can I get help? Absolutely. We can assess your level and give support. If necessary we will advise a class to assist you in your enjoyment of the sport. You will have fun here even if its your first time.

12. Does your facility support physically handicapped shooters? We have designed our ranges for wheelchair accessibility. If you have special needs, call ahead and we will do our best to accommodate.

13. Do you have stuff to buy? We have everything you need for a fun range experience. Ammo, cleaning equipment, targets, hearing protection. We also carry a boutique of firearms and other great items for sale. If we carry it, it is quality. If you desire anything we don’t carry, just let us know. We’ll get it for you.

14. Do you clean guns? We have an amazing ultrasonic cleaner that deep cleans your firearm. You drop off all your guns dirty and pick them up clean, oiled and ready for your next shoot. Remember a clean gun is a more accurate and safer gun.

* Ultrasonic cleanings are subject to business levels. In most cases, cleanings are unable to be done on holidays or weekends, however you can always leave your firearm with us overnight and we will contact you the moment it is clean.

15. Can I shoot my machine gun? Machine Guns are welcome up to .45ACP handgun cartridge and .223 rifle cartridge with prior approval and with ammo approval. There is a $5 machine gun surcharge.

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