NEW:  You don't need a Conceal Carry License to carry concealed in Kentucky.  BUT, if you travel you still need a license for Conceal Carry in other states that recognize Kentuckys license.  You also need a Conceal Carry License to purchase a firearm in Kentucky without further gov't background checks - this is critical for those who like their privacy protected.

1. How old do I have to be to apply for a Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons license?   You must be 21 to apply for a CCDW (Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons) license.

2. Do I have to be a resident of KY?   Yes, you must have been a resident of Kentucky.

3. How much does Openrange's class cost?   $75 for the class and $10 for classroom, range, target and equipment fees.

4. Are there any other fees?   Yes, the local Sheriff collects an additional $60 and you must provide a photo which may cost a few dollars.

5. Can I bring any kind of gun and ammo to class?   No. You must bring a safe and functional modern firearm and factory loaded ammunition which matches your firearm. Any questions about guns or ammo, call Openrange.

6. Do I need anything else for the class?   You need cleaning supplies for your caliber firearm for the cleaning section of the class. You will need to be able to field strip your firearm during the cleaning section so bring your firearms manual. If any of this is confusing, call Openrange with any questions. If needed, cleaning kits are available for purchase for most common calibers at Openrange.

7. Can any resident get a license?   No, you must fall within the parameters set by KRS 237.110 for criminal background, mental capacity, and performance with a firearm. You may find this out by calling the Ky Dept of Criminal Justice Training 859-622-1328.

8. I don't know how to shoot. Will the CCDW class teach me?   No. The class is not meant to teach a beginner to shoot. Classes teach and enforce basic knowledge, legal information and skills. It is highly recommended that beginners take an Openrange basic pistol class prior to a CCDW class. Without basic skills you may fail the class. Even if you pass the state mandated class you still may not be a safe gun handler!

9. Once I pass the class & provide the Sheriff with the required information, how long can it take to receive my license?   Up to 90 days for the State Police to issue or deny a license.

10. Is the class difficult to pass?   Depending on your skills and background with firearms the course may be challenging or easy. Openrange will do its best to make your time with us informative, comfortable and enjoyable and we will assist with any issues so you will have the best training possible from our State Certified Instructors.


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Practice your skills at least once every three months for basic skills, once every month for moderate skills, and at least once a week for higher skills. Make Openrange your partner in being a responsible citizen.

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