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Our Safety Rules

safety rules


All FIREARMS carried into the facility  MUST be cased and unloaded. (exception: Conceal / Open Carry holstered guns).

Golden Rule:   Treat every FIREARM as if it is always loaded!

  1. ALWAYS keep the MUZZLE pointed in a SAFE direction (downrange or pointed away from persons)
  2. ALWAYS keep your FINGER straight and OFF the TRIGGER until you are on target and ready to shoot.
  3. ALWAYS keep your firearm UNLOADED until ready to use.
  4. HEARING and EYE protection are REQUIRED at all times on the range.      
  5. All Bagging/Unbagging of firearms MUST be done at the firing line with the MUZZLE pointed DOWNRANGE.
  6. Firearms not in active use MUST be on the bench, unloaded, action open, and pointed DOWNRANGE.
  7. All GEAR must be kept in the shooting lane.  NO gear allowed on the walls or behind the shooter.
  8. Only the shooter shall be at the firing line.     
  9. NO PASSING or handing loaded firearms to anyone in the lane.  
    • If your firearm has a malfunction or issue, place it on the bench and notify Range Safety Officer (RSO)        
  1. All first time shooters shall be given a SAFETY BRIEFING by an RSO and the first shot will be in the presence of an RSO.
  2. NO practice drawing from holster, shooting from the hip, or bump shooting.
  3. NEVER reach beyond the firing line, anything that falls beyond the firing line MUST be retrieved by an RSO.
  4. Any person(s) suspected of being under the influence of DRUGS or ALCOHOL shall NOT be permitted on the range or in the facility.






  • All Persons on the range MUST complete a Waiver! Openrange Waiver
  • No steel or aluminum cased ammo can be used in our facility, we are a brass only range.
  • Damage to the range equipment will result in a fine.
  • No food or drink are allowed on the range.
  • Pistol Range head shots cannot be done closer than 25’
  • Rifle Range minimum allowable distance to shoot is 75’.
  • No steel core, tracer, buckshot, or birdshot ammo allowed.
  • Maximum of 4 shooters, one at a time shooting per lane.
  • ALL Rental Firearms must use ammo purchased at Openrange.
  • We recommend not wearing low cut shirts or open-toed shoes as the brass coming out of a firearm is hot.
  • We recommend washing your hands after leaving the range to remove any gunshot residue.
  • No targets, with real life images of people, can be used on our ranges.
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