Monthly Flex Membership - $39.99 + $50 Setup (Requires membership form)

Monthly Flex Membership - $39.99 + $50 Setup (Requires membership form)

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  2. Monthly Flex Membership - $39.99 + $50 Setup (Requires membership form)

Monthly Flex Membership - $39.99 + $50 Setup (Requires membership form)

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Member Flex - PAYG

Product description

The Flex range membership; the membership lasts for a twelve month period and cuts range cost significantly.

For example, a typical hour on the pistol range is $23, and a Flex member shoots for Free! It gets better from there, rifle time is $27, while a Flex member shooting for an hour is only $5!

This is a must buy for anyone that appreciates our state of the art range, and loves to visit.
Our staff will adjust your profile, just come on in and start saving!


  • $440 per year or $39.99 a month*
  • Pistol Range - Unlimited
  • Rifle Range - $5/HR
  • New Guest - Free **
  • Child under 10 - Free
  • 1st Additional Shooter - $10
  • 2nd Additional Shooter - $10 (normally $12)
  • Ammo Discount - 5%
  • Rental Discount - 50% Off
  • FFL Transfers - $35 includes a free hour of Range Time
  • Freeze - Up to 6 months

    More Information

    • Monthly plans are a 12-month commitment.
    • Monthly plans have a ONE TIME registration fee to set up the automatic debit, track payments and service the account. If the membership is kept current no further registration fee will be imposed and the automatic debit will occur each month. If the account lapses, is not kept current, a NEW REGISTRATION FEE will be imposed when the membership is renewed.
    • Monthly plan members must give notice to Openrange in the event they don’t want to renew their memberships as memberships automatically renew.
    • “NEW GUEST” is any shooter not in our system, who has never shot at Openrange.
    • Children under 10 free. Limited to 2 per parent member.
    • FFL Transfer rates are for transferring guns ‘IN’ to Openrange. Extra fees apply for transferring guns ‘OUT’ using Openrange.
    • All rentals must use Openrange ammunition.
    • Discounts on ammunition does not include ammo at special sales pricing.
    • Flex and VIP members may suspend membership for up to 6 months per year with 2 weeks notice.
    • Rentals Discount do not include machine-guns.
    • Add'l shooters & guests must share members lane.


    ***Upon purchase of this product, your membership will activate for one month; please come in to Openrange to complete a recurring billing form in order to continue your membership; failure to promptly complete a recurring billing form will result in your membership cancellation after one month.***

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