Flint Lock Pistol Experience - fire 3 rounds through a flintlock pistol (Reservation Preferred)

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Flint Lock Pistol Experience - fire 3 rounds through a flintlock pistol (Reservation Preferred) Read more
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So, you all like shooting 'muzzleloaders'? Get your hands on a .62 Calibre Smoothbore Flintlock! It's a big gun, it shoots a big ball, and makes a big hole.
-Experience a history lesson that you will never forget, shooting 17th century style firearms.
-Enjoy a truly authentic Kentucky experience learning about Daniel Boone and the Kentucky Long Rifle
-Step back in time and challenge a friend to an old-fashioned pistol duel to restore your honor!
Full Description:
The flintlock pistol, followed by the long rifle, one of the first truly American designed firearms, both have a very rich history in the US, especially in Kentucky. There's no better place to learn the history of these unique firearms and their role in America's westward expansion than right here in Louisville... while taking time out, of course, to shoot a couple of rounds.

With your expert instructor giving you a safety overview, choose between a Daniel Boone long rifle or a Flintlock pistol, and bring history to life as you load and shoot three rounds. Already a pro or looking for more of an adventure? Bring out your inner-Alexander Hamilton and challenge a friend to a 17th century style pistol duel!

Whether a private shooting experience or an old-fashioned pistol duel with a friend, you'll enjoy a hands-on history lesson, in a safe environment with an expert instructor.
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