Benchmade 290BK-2 Full Immunity, black blade, Woodland Green aluminum handle

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The initial request for knives like this came from federal employees who are restricted from carrying a blade over 2.5Ó in most federal buildings. Many jurisdictions have blade length restrictions on both manual and auto folders. Anyone looking for a small, easy-to-conceal folder or auto that is effective for both daily utility and as a backup edged weapon in non-permissive environments needs to look no further. The clipped Wharncliffe blade style coupled with the CPM-M4 boasts outstanding edge retention. The steel supports the ultra-fine point of the blade. This is effective as both a utility blade and for self-defense as it focuses all of the knifeÕs cutting force to the needle-thin tip. The included lanyard extends the handle giving this small knife a full grip that is easy to access. The Immunityª was conceived, designed and developed entirely during the pandemicÑhence the name.
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