4/05 - Self Defense Pistol Level 1 - Sun - 1pm to 5pm

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  2. 4/05 - Self Defense Pistol Level 1 - Sun - 1pm to 5pm

This class covers: Drawing from the Holster, Basic Defensive Accuracy, Emergency Reloading and Malfunction Clearing

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Self Defense Handgun 1

This class covers:

  1. Drawing from the Holster
  2. Basic Defensive Accuracy
  3. Emergency Reloading
  4. Malfunction Clearing

Gear Needed:

  • Semi-Auto Pistol
  • 2 magazines
  • Sturdy waist holster and belt
  • 1 magazine pouch
  • 150 Rounds of ammunition
  • Pre-Requisite – Basic Pistol Safety Class or CCDW class


4 Hours

The Men and Women of the Openrange Instructor staff are both Military and Law Enforcement Veterans, are all Kentucky DOCJT certified, and have such diverse certifications as NRA, Smith & Wesson Academy, Combat Focus Shooting, Tactical Response, and more!

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