groups and events

You’re about to throw the party of the year

Frolic, food and fun. Let us know what the occasion is and we’ll make it happen.

Corporate and Business Events

Not even white water rafting compares to the shooting sports to teach concentration and team values. Openrange can provide a unique learning opportunity for companies.

Build Teamwork: Reball events teach teamwork and trust. A great place to let your hair down and instill company values with staff.

Unique Incentives: Corporate firearm classes provide employers with a powerful tool to protect their employees for a lifetime. Employees will never forget this unique incentive.

Private Events, Parties & Birthdays

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties are a blast on the Paintball "Reball" Arena or on the Gun Range. Holiday parties and thank you events make you, the host, a hero!

Team Rentals: Shooting and Paintball teams can rent our field or range for team practice to hone your skills for future events.

Party On: You are never too old to have a Birthday Event at openrange! Our generous party room makes your event private and special.

Church and School Events

Churches and schools have found paintball to be a real community building activity for their congregations and students, creating bonds that might not be available through other channels. Paintball is an important conduit between youth and sometimes even more important between youth and adults. A perfect environment for community outreach.

ExciteThe Excite - Imbibe - Ignite Trail

Kick off your Kentucky experience with The Excite - Imbibe - Ignite Trail. Find out more about this self-guided tour here.