Gun Range

Openrange is growing our community of shooting sports and Reball enthusiasts. Beginners, competitors, sportsmen, military and law enforcement, are served up the safest and most fun experience possible. Fire a real machine gun, practice your target skills and take a class in openrange’s interactive indoor ranges.

Note: You must have a parent or legal guardian's signature on our waiver for any customer under 18. No exceptions.


100 Yard Interactive Indoor Rifle Range

  • Five ballistic perfect indoor rifle range stations - ZERO wind or adverse weather effects.
  • Programmable targetry runs the targets out and returns to you.  No downtime with checking targets.
  • Concrete shooting tables with shooting bags.
  • All calibers under .50 cal bmg.
  • Recoil reducing “lead sleds” available to increase your enjoyment of large calibers.

25 Yard Interactive Indoor Pistol Range

  • Twelve pistol stations.
  • Programmable targetry challenges beginners and advanced alike.
  • Ballistic glass booth dividers.

About the Facility

  • Rifle, Pistol, Machine Gun and Reball Paintball Rentals   
  • KY Certified Conceal Carry Center
  • Event & Training Rooms
  • Ultrasonic Gun 'Deep Cleaning'
  • 5,000 square feet of Exclusive Shopping
  • Exotic Machine Gun Rental (or bring yours, just ask for specifics)
  • Year round tempered air
  • Handicap accessible

View Our List of Rentals

  • Rental Pistols - Ruger American 9mm, SR9c w/ lasermax, LC380, LC9S, LCP, SR-22, SP101, Mark III, 22/45 LITE, SP-101 (.357), LCR 38+P, Taurus 709, Glock 21, 30S, 42, 43, 34 gen 4 MOS w/ Trijicon RMR, 17 gen 4, 17 w/ AAC TiRant 9mm, 19 gen 4, 26 gen 4, 22 gen 4, 23 gen 4, 27 gen 4, Springfield EMP 9mm, XDS-9 3.3", Range Officer 1911, XDm-9 3.8", Sig P238, M11-A1, P226 TacOps, P320, 1911 Nickel Full Size, FNH FNX-45 Tac w/ Trijicon RMR, FNX-9c, Five-seveN, Smith & Wesson Shield, M&P 9c, M&P 9, M&P 9mm Pro, Bodyguard 380, M&P 22, M&P 22 Compact, Governor, 686 Pro Series, 327 R8, 60 Pro Series, 642 w/ Crimson Trace, 500 Magnum, Beretta 92FS, Kahr PM9, P380, Sccy CPX-2, Walther PK-380, P99c AS, PPQ, Desert Eagle .50 action express

    Rental Rifles - Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22, 
    Accurate Armory AR-15, Just Right Carbine 9mm Takedown, Springfield M1A, Savage Model 12 Scoped .223

    Machine Guns - FNH P90, Vector 
    UZI, Kriss Vector, HK MP5, HK MP7, FNH Scar, AAC/Bushmaster 300 Blackout