shop at louisville's favorite gun store, why?

Openrange is the only store in the usa to offer:


30 Day Shoot & Return Policy -

Purchase any new gun from your favorite Louisville's gun store & we guarantee you will love it. If not, within 30 days simply return it for a 100% credit towards any other gun or merchandise in the store. Gun has to be stock, in like new condition (we know you've shot it), with original box and paperwork in new condition.

We even go further....

Unscrew your gun purchase -

Buy any new gun from another local Louisville gun store (no internet purchases/transfers), and within 30 days you'll get the same guarantee. We simply ask you to purchase a few hours of range time depending on the price of the gun. The gun must have been purchased at or below our in store prices and fit our inventory. Have questions? Ask us.


We are stocking dealer for the following:

Sig Sauer

SIG is the premium brand firearm which sits on the side or rides in the arms of some of the most elite military and law enforcement in the world. Iconic in its loyalty. SIG embodies forward, non traditional designs as well as decade proven designs which simply work. Handsome, accurate, ergonomic. SIG is for the warrior and sportsman who chooses a different path. And we carry models of any path you choose. We are a SIG stocking dealer. Find out why SIG keeps their value over time better than most other guns.


Simple. Effective. Reliable. Accurate. These are the traits we love in Glock and why we are Glock Armorers, Glock Stocking Dealers, participate in the Glock Range program, hold Glock Shooting Sports Foundation matches and about 50% of our employees carry Glocks daily. Law Enforcement agencies world wide depend on Glock for our safety and theirs. We believe in Glock and can fix any issue with them or refresh them in our Glock Clinic. Come in to see or test a Glock today. Find out why you need to own a Glock.


Bond. James Bond. The Walther name has been critical to James in his quest for dependable, handsome and unique firearms. There is a reason. Walther has been instrumental in groundbreaking firearm designs through the ages. One of my original purchases was a Walther PPK in homage to James. Now we have CCP's, P99's, PPS's, PPQ's and PK380's which have revolutionized carry. Always evolving but with the basic grit. Just like James Bond. Come in to see our line of Walther pistols.

Benchmade Premium Dealer

Don't get a chinese knock off.  Only authorized Benchmade Dealers can guarantee you get the real thing.  Plus Openrange will handle all service returns for you.  After 6 years of trying all different knife vendors, we have chosen Benchmade as our knife.  Beautifully made, quality metal blades, great warranty.  Made for the guys and gals who bet their lives on their knives. Choose yours today!

Eberlestock Dealer

Eberlestock gear is in service all over the world with Special Forces and regular military and police units, and Eberlstock is gratified to know that they have contributed something of value to the fight. If you carry your weapon on your back, you're much more agile and effective than if it's stuck in your hands or on a shoulder sling all of the time. And you're still carrying a weapon; particularly if you have it easily accessible, as our Backscabbard™ provides, there is simply no better way to move about in an organized fashion. Eberlestock: Rugged go anywhere, carry anything gear. Industrial strength mobile carry units. See what's in stock or stop in.