Excite, Imbibe & Ignite Trail

Shooting Machine Guns…

Good for the Soul. Great with Spirits.

It’s never too early to take a shot of adrenaline. Start your morning at 1,200 rounds per minute at our indoor gun range. After you empty out your rounds, enjoy a few more at our recommended Kentucky stops that include great bourbon, cigars and other indulgences.

Enough talking, let’s pull the trigger

The Excite, Imbibe and Ignite Trail is self-guided. Follow the steps below for a day you’ll never forget.

  1. Click the Google Maps link below.
  2. Make sure you choose 'avoid highways' on the directions for the most picturesque route.
  3. Grab a friend and have a blast!

Got an idea for a tour? Let us know. If accepted, we’ll name if after you, and you’ll soon thereafter be famous. Well, maybe.


Classic Excite! Trail: Google Map (4 stops)

A) Excite - Openrange for a shot of firearm adrenaline. Rent a machine gun for a memory of a lifetime... then hop on your horse and head out for a beautiful country drive towards B.

B) Imbibe - Buffalo Trace Bourbon Distillery - tour the oldest working Bourbon Distillery in the States, home of Blanton's, Sazerac, Pappy Van Winkle and more.  Sample these  fine Bourbons.

C) Ignite - Kentucky Gentleman's Cigars - Stock up on some Bourbon Barrel aged tobacco cigars from one of the few companies in the US who manufactures their own cigars.  Be prepared for a small urban shop in a small town.  Ask for a tour then light one up.

D) Excite - Openrange (if you can handle it again!)


*Please check hours of each venue before kicking off the trip.