Special Ops

Got what it takes?

We need a few good men. And women. Boys and girls, too. Actually, anyone who would like to help spread the word about openrange. If you want to earn cool gear and have some fun, then sign up for Special Ops today.

How do I join Special Ops?

Becoming a Special Ops Agent is easy. Complete the registration form below, agree to the terms and you are in! Still have questions? Speak with Secret Agent 007 at 007@openrangesports.com

What do Special Ops agents do?

Goodwill towards all, and spread the word about openrange to friends, family and even strangers. Special Ops agents hand out postcards, blog and some even have window wraps on their car. It all goes towards points that can be redeemed for exclusive Special Ops gear from openrange.

Click Here for a List of Special Ops Rules

How do I redeem points?

It’s easy – once you’re a member we’ll let you know via email. Your points roll over to get better and better gear.

Points Schedule

6 points: your group’s photo at openrange
6 points: bringing a new friend to openrange
6 points: every Spec-Ops or Club card redeemed with your name
27 points: any positive newspaper article featuring openrange
33 points: Yup! Get 33 points a month driving with a window decal (Restrictions do apply)
33 points: our logo presented or name spoken (positively) on local TV
39 points: mentioning openrange (positively) on local radio station
54 points: a positive interview on local radio station
60 points: a positive interview on local TV

Special Ops points must be approved through openrange with the use of websites, photographs, copies of newspaper articles, news or radio shows recordings/phone numbers. We will also keep a running tally of cards and other points as they are turned in.

Points Redemption

It’s simple. 1 point = $1 for range time, paintball time, gun rental or machine gun rental. 1 point = $0.50 for taxable products (stuff you’d buy, including machine gun ammo).

Remember tax will be added for Taxable Products. If you have an openrange dream product that you’d like to earn, let us know and we’ll tell you how to earn that dream merchandise. Openrange does reserve the right, if necessary, to change the point values of the products.

Agent Supplies

Once you’re accepted as a Special Ops Agent we’ll arrange your secret agent number and for Spec-Ops supplies, including Intro Cards for you to hand out and receive points. Indicate on your application if you would like a window wrap for your car - we’ll take a look and decide if you qualify. Seriously, the wrap is cool.

Special Ops Registration Form

Do you want a vehicle wrap?