Has the media created a nation of Victims?

Barry LawsGun Laws General Personal Security June 14, 2016

This might sound cold-hearted... but here it goes....

This crazed homophobe shot 100 people.  He had to have changed mags a minimum of 4 times (assuming 30 rounds per mag and assuming he didn't miss with any shot, which I guarantee he did). Each mag change, even if he's good took a few seconds at least.  He even stopped to make a phone call in the middle of his carnage.  The club was full of patrons.


What has our society come to when NOT ONE PERSON does anything to stop this excuse for a human life who is harming others?  When did we become a society that doesn't care about one another, but simply goes on tilt and runs like an animal in a burning forest, not caring what is happening behind him?

I believe the media and our Law Enforcement has bred fear into the hearts of our public to the extent that all rational thought goes out the window.  We are told to RUN, HIDE.... and as a last resort to FIGHT.  Why not reverse that order?  Why not FIGHT?  Why not have the best odds of saving your family, your friends and strangers?  If there is no way of winning, at least you've slowed him down and then consider RUNNING or HIDING....

We are told guns are the most dangerous things in the world.  They are the devil incarnate.  Just seeing one breeds fear.  You just have to run... hide....

Bad guys love RUN & HIDE.  Scumbags know this is a recipe for disaster for the public.  This gives them free reign to do as they please, for as long as they want... until someone who is willing to FIGHT stands in their way.  Most serial killers end their own lives when confronted.  This is a fact.  Why run when the odds of stopping something is when resistance is thrown up in the face of evil? 

Why not teach the public how guns work?  That they have to be loaded, then reloaded to function?  That they have to be pointed at you to hurt you?  That a person with a gun in their hands can't use those hands to grab or control you... that when they run out of ammo there is a period of time when the person is confused he isn't shooting anymore and its a great time to tackle the SOB... but no, the media and Law Enforcement want you to run... this makes me CRAZY.

We teach self defense, we sell the products to defend yourself.  But there is more to this.  We all have an obligation to protect each other, loved ones, friends, even strangers... We have an obligation to FIGHT... not to RUN.

If just one person had taken on this excuse of a man, just one, and disabled him for a few seconds, just long enough for another and then another to fight him to the ground.  IF.... just IF.... there may have only been a few hurt, or maybe none at all...  Maybe my dream of a nation of fighters is unrealistic, but can't at least a few proud ones step up in the future?

But no.  The politician and the media are once again blaming the gun as if it started the whole mess.  I will tell you this, if any of my customers had run into this situation there would have been a different outcome.  Because we have guns and are willing to fight and confront evil.  

And maybe, just maybe the media and Law Enforcement can educate people on how to recognize people who are about to go ballistic, teach how to disarm, how to identify when a gun goes cold, simply teach how to not give up in panic and fear....  maybe, just maybe we can stop the carnage and begin to take our lives back from the thugs and crazy idealists that are breeding fear into our great country.


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Barry Laws

Barry has been a passionate Second Amendment researcher who also believes that politics can close the door to communication. His concept for Openrange was to normalize the fun of the shooting sports back into society through a welcoming and exciting recreational experience. His own passion for the shooting sports has guided his personal journey with the safe, fun and technical use of firearms. Barry was previously an Oldham County Constable and initiated a virtual neighborhood watch in his district. Barry lives in Louisville Kentucky area and simply loves it.