Should you use deadly force or a Taser?

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Is deadly force necessary?

Some fun video showing the impact of Taser....

Taser vs Gun:

Guns can cause permanent damage or death. Tasers rarely cause death or leave permanent damage but have less 'rounds'.  Which is better? 

Why a Taser?

If you ARE NOT in imminent danger of death or grave bodily damage, yet you still feel threatened, you need a non lethal choice to help you gain control over a threatening situation.  Tasers allow you to stop an unwanted advance without using deadly force.  Trust your instincts and use the Taser after you have made it perfectly clear you want a threat to stop, and if it doesn't stop, you will defend yourself.  Remember if you use a Taser and someone falls and sustains injuries, you may be liable for your actions.  Tasers are also a must for those of you who ethically would never consider using deadly force yet want the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.  A Taser is around $400. (This takes you to our online store)

Why a gun?

If you ARE in imminent danger of death or grave bodily damage, I would not hesitate to use a gun.  A gun has between 5 - 17 rounds to help stop an event.  A Taser has 1 (plus it can be used as a regular stun gun after shooting its electrical barbs out the front).  I would note that a Taser hit anywhere on the body seems to cause an immediate cessation of aggressive actions vs a hit on a non vital area with a bullet may cause no impact on aggressive actions.  A hand gun can be used at distances from 0' to 75' (or more depending on skill).  A Taser has a max distance of 15'.  Note:  Neither a Taser or a gun guarantees stopping an event.  There have been studies showing multiple gun shots not stopping an advance and Tasered individuals continuing to fight.  A decent gun starts around $400.

Which is better?

Depends on how prepared you like to be.  I carry both at times.  This allows me to choose what tool to use for which event.  If I'm in a gun-free zone I may carry my Taser to afford protection to myself or loved ones (note: there are areas in different cities where Tasers are illegal, it is up to you to know the law).  If I run into someone who has put me on high alert yet has no weapons but his or her hands, I may choose a Taser.  Or if we are in an area of high pedestrian traffic I may choose a Taser to minimize the possibility of injuring others.  The answer depends on you.


Both Tasers and guns can afford self protection.  Tasers can fill the gap between a mild confrontation and a violent confrontation.  Tasers allow folks ethically opposed to deadly force to carry a tool that has been proven on the streets by law enforcement to neutralize threats.  Please, whatever you choose, carry daily and use sparingly!


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