Will Guns soon be hard to Find?

Barry LawsGeneral Gun Laws May 10, 2016

Guns... just go down to the local store and buy one, right?  


Not so fast...  Right now, guns are a-plenty, but if history repeats itself we will expect a run on guns coming up on election time.  In 2008 and 2012 election cycles gun were super hard to find.  We as dealers couldn't find the stock for our customers who were buying everything.  Ammo even disappeared for a few months.  Customers were disappointed.  Our hands were tied finding inventory...


We expect 2016 election to be the same trend.  


If Hillary is showing strong results leading up to the election, and I guarantee one of her platforms will be gun control, this strength will drive gun sales, especially Modern Sporting Rifles (what the media calls "black rifles").  Your choices will shrink and you'll be left with super expensive options or fireams that don't meet your standards.


If Trump is showing strong results, the market may calm a bit, but unease will still drive sales.  


If Hillary wins, forget about it... guns will fly off the shelf...  This will probably even out in about 6-12 months, but by then she may pursue an executive order to outlaw Modern Sporting Rifles, hi-cap magazines (anything over 10), suppressors, the ability to make certain types of firearms, limited number of firearm purchases per month, ammo taxes and other draconian measures... all of which are already in place in a few other states.


My crystal ball has been broken for a long time but these items have been a push for many election cycles....


Bottom line: if you are thinking of purchasing a firearm in the next 4-12 months and you want a good variety I would suggest accelerating your time frame... and of course we'd love to be your guide.


Happy elections... this is gonna get crazy!

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Barry Laws

Barry has been a passionate Second Amendment researcher who also believes that politics can close the door to communication. His concept for Openrange was to normalize the fun of the shooting sports back into society through a welcoming and exciting recreational experience. His own passion for the shooting sports has guided his personal journey with the safe, fun and technical use of firearms. Barry was previously an Oldham County Constable and initiated a virtual neighborhood watch in his district. Barry lives in Louisville Kentucky area and simply loves it.